Can I get a Time Since Launch set to a date in the past?

Short answer is no. We don't backdate TSLs. 

We've had lots of requests to backdate and we originally considered it a cool feature, but once we sat down and thought it through, we came to the conclusion that it would essentially ruin the truth of the device for everyone else. If anyone can backdate the device, you wouldn't be sure if any device you encountered is showing a true elapsed time or not.

We think it's worth knowing that every device that is showing how long it's been since the launch is real and that someone was in that space and time pulling the pin at that moment.

BUT! we do sell pre-launched TSLs here. (probably not what you're looking for, but maybe maybe maybe? you'll find one that's just right)


What other ink cartridges fit in Pen Type-A and Pen Type-B?



Compatible ink cartridges and spacers available here

Pen Type-A and B fit all Hi-Tec-C and G-Tec Cartridges. If the 0.3mm tip included with your pen is too thin or too thick for you, other widths of Hi-Tec-C cartridges are available from various pen retailers online. ( and 0.5mm widths and many colors) The part numbers are BLS-HC25, BLS-HC3, BLS-HC4, BLS-HC5.

We also sell refills here

With a small spacer, you can make your Pen Type-A or Pen Type-B compatible with 10 other ink cartridges like Pilot Coleto,  Pilot Frixion, and Signo UMR-82. Full list of compatible ink cartridges and spacers available here


I lost the tip that goes around the ink cartridge on my pen. Where can I get a replacement?




Where can I buy refill ink cartridges?

The Pen Type-A (ruler pen) and Pen Type-B (sleeve pen) comes with a black 0.3mm Hi-Tec-C cartridge. Refills available here.

Pen Type-C (flat bookmark pen) comes with a black 0.4mm Hi Tec-C Coletto cartridge. Refills are here.



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